.. White Mammoth 3D Studio was founded in 2010 and has grown
steadily becoming the leading visualization Studio in Estonia and internationally
gaining ground. We are always learning and developing to provide the best
in quality, aesthetics and meet all deadlines no matter how large the project.
We are currently a team of 12 and constantly looking for new talent.

We have 2 offices and most larger realestate developers as our regular clients.
Our goal is to be a longterm trustworthy partner in all 3D related needs:
images, animations, virtual reality experiences, product rendering,
architectural-, interior- and landscape design and consulting.
Our team is at Your service.


Tel: +372 56 933 285

Tatari 64
PO box 21
10134 Tallinn
reg: 11906117
KMKR/VAT nr: EE101364629

Account nr (LHV):
IBAN: EE667700771001901437
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Contact us

Tallinn Office

Tatari 64

Pärnu Office

Papiniidu 5a/1


+372 56 933 285

An architect and seasoned connoisseur of digital arts giving off sparks of exceptional will power at an unstoppable driving force behind the teams of White Mammoth that makes this mythical creature legendary.

Office Manager
+372 5453 2243

Thank God for Kristo!
He takes good care of the studio, emails, financial side and can be strict if needed but will never lose his temper and will still be nice to you. He is also the original pirate with just 1 leg... arghh!

Senior exterior 3D Artist

Loyal, honest and hard working fun guy who has become a good friend during the years of working together. Takes each image to the next level and as a true Yedi he walks the path of the life long learning school. Superpowers: most of them exept dancing.

Senior interior 3D Artist
+372 545 88 085

A relentless artist who some say never sleeps and has a sign across his desktop that says: Work until you don't have to introduce yourself. All we know - he is not The Stig but The Stigs Estonian cousin.

3D Artist

The cool oddball of the bunch but seriously talented and makes everyone happy when he is around. Keeps himself updated with the latest tools of the trade.

3D Artist

Punctual and always ahead of time, ready for action.  After that - grabs his backpack and goes on a survival journey into the wilderness to recharge one's batteries.

Your Name
+372 56 933 285

We are continuously looking for new talent to enhance our team. Send us your portfolio and a few lines about why you would make a great addition to White Mammoth.

Future Mammoth

Write and draw to me by hand.

All is possible. So lets step up the game and keep growing. Meanwhile Ill go and make some awsome cave drawings with my big bro. I might look small on the outside but wait till you see how big I am from the inside...

Interior 3D Artist

Petite but tough. After all, she is an architect and as we all know they never rest until the goal is reached and exeeded. A rare talent rising up from the thousands. We are glad that she found us.

3D Artist

Working powerhouse in action. Makes modelling seem easy. Coolheaded artist with long years of experience.


We always exeed expectations and are constantly looking for opportunities to be more innovative and how to perform better at what we do. Having said that, we are more than happy to cooperate with White Mammoth whom we have many shared values with. The outcome of the visualisation art must have quality and innovation as well as be completed promptly. White Mammoth does it all. The professional team behind White Mammoth does not only lie behind their technical visualisation skills but also their exquisite abilities to create architecture and design.

Endover Kinnisvara  |  www.endover.ee

White Mammoth is the best choice when ordering 3D images. As an extra to the technical skills, they also have a keen eye for details and what goes together. They always work until the result is impressive. It is also nice to know when something will be finished. We are very satisfied with their services.

Liven  |  www.liven.ee

It is important for us to visualize the dreams of a new home in the most realistic, yet appealing way. White Mammoth's contemporary style, striving for excellence and keen eye for details makes their work stand out. This is complemented by devotion to duty and strong work ethics, which makes them a good and reliable partner.

Bonava  |  www.bonava.ee

Even when it just so happens that a great idea comes to you at the last possible moment and you find yourself in dire need of images rendered at the highest standard (since you are being tediously demanding) you may very well turn to White Mammoth. Those animals are known to work with very little or even without sleep or nourishment  to achieve the best possible result. They will not complain and refuse to let you down!

Eek & Mutso Architects  |  www.eekmutso.ee

Sometimes it´s hard to find the time to do everything yourself. This is when it´s good to have a reliable partner, whom you know, can react fast and help out. The level of rendering and image post-processing has always been outstanding at White Mammoth 3D studio.

Pluss Architects  |  www.pluss.ee

We were most happy with the images as well as the workflow – the attitude is adaptive and professional. Communication was smooth – sometimes perhaps too smooth. Render quality is superb.

Alver Architects  |  www.ata.ee

Have you ever thought that the cost of 3D visualization is a bit expensive? Well... think of the cost of bad visualization. The sales you would miss because other developers have used White Mammoth and you settled with average. In White Mammoth 3D studio the result is never average but exceptional. We would recommend them to anyone.

Scandium Real Estate  |  www.scandium.ee

We are completely satisfied with the works of White Mammoth. They delivered an excellent balance between quality of the realistic images and time taken to complete them. We are surely going to use their services again and encourage others to do the same.

Kriips Punkt Architects  |  www.kriipspunkt.ee

It is always a pleasure to work with people who are doing their job with passion. This is probably the key to the impressive results.

Ruumilabor  |  www.ruumilabor.ee

While managing business- and private real estate projects over the years the visuals have meant the world and give an advantage ahead of the competition. Working in two companies during this time, I still ended up changing previous partners to White Mammoth. So far no one can execute a true life 3D better. They have great skill in their team and I always trust them to get the job done. They accept criticism really well so when something needs a different angle it will be done in no time. I always recommend them.


Technopolis Ülemiste  |  www.technopolis.ee



Send us main drawings of the project.
Also due date, number of images etc...


We give the price per image usually on the same day and also offer architectural solutions for extra fee.


We will send the preview renders within 1-2 days.


2 rounds of commenting are included in the price.


After approval we will send 8000 x 4500 pixels 300 dpi or higher resolution awsome images with people and postproduction.


We work fast and please reply with same.

Images Made
Projects Completed
Years of Experience

Terms & Conditions

1. We freely consult all parts of the design process based on our 12 years of experience to reach the best result possible in each image or animation.

2. We have top specialists of architects, interior architects, landscape architects, graphical designers and lighting specialists in our awsome team plus ofcourse the evergrowing team of visualization artists.

3. Usually our minimum number of images per project is 4 but we can discuss that. Ordinary scope of images range from 12 to 28.

4. If for any reason the project ends before reaching the final images, then we reserve the right to charge an invoice for the spent hours of work that we have done so far or when a project exeeds 2 months or more on a monthly basis.

5. All authorial rights to all or any part of the images, animations or virtual reality experiences remain in the sole possession of White Mammoth 3D Studio if not in written permitted otherwise. The financial and usage rights go over to the client after our invoice has in full been paid by the client.

6. White Mammoth 3D Studio always acts in full confidentiality and does not send or give out any part of the clients project to any other party not directly involved in the making process of the ordered images or animations.

7. It is forbidden to alter or change our final images.

8. As a rule we do not give out or sell our created 3D model/ environment/ main architecture or any part of the model or our licensed assets.

9. We charge an estimated of 25% prepayment only on new customers on our first project together or when renderfarm services are required for rendering animations in the full amount of the renderfarm service before sending the project to be rendered by the renderfarm since they charge prepayment prior to their services. In any other situation we invoice at the end of the project after all images, animations or VR or augmented reality solutions have been approved by the client.

10. We reserve the right to charge extra depending on the amount and complexity of changes after delivering the second round of comment changes starting from the third round and onwards per image.

11. As a good will sign we kindly ask that we are mentioned and if possible referred to our website: www.whitemammoth.com whenever using or presenting our works publically or using our watermarked version of our created image when possible.

12. All communication concerning changes, extra wishes, extra work or other not agreed upon aspects that were not agreed at the beginning of the project must be in written form (E-Mail, Skype or text message) to prevent later arguments.

13. If the client does not use an image or part of it where there is visible a building or a detail and continues the project with a different solution then we may use the 3D model in another project if the client approves it in written permission.

14. If not agreed specifically then our minimum work hour costs 45 euros per hour and we can estimate the hours of work put inside a project without a specified order for a 3D orders cost and have the right to invoice the client if arguments arise if not agreed in the beginning of the order or when the client does not know the scope of the order or it is not possible to give an exact estimation at the start of any given 3D order. Both sides can mark the end time of such a project by letting the other side know in written form.

15. Sent e-mail communication is to be concidered a contract between the client and White Mammoth 3D Studio and is the basis for the order and the price offer.

16. All or any part of not reaching mutual understanding or conflict based on this Terms & Conditions between the sides  will be solved according to the Estonian law system in Tallinn court of Estonia.

17. After finishing a project the client does not have the right to decline approving the done work if it is done according to the clients instructions, project drawings and specifications and White Mammoth 3D Studios style and quality that is on our website.

18. We will wait until public launch or written permition from our client to publish our works on our website, social media or other publications if not agreed otherwise plus we reserve to use a different version of the final image if we like a previous or different version than the client is using. After 6 months of non usage we reserve the right to publish our creation even without public launch or the above mentioned on our website and other portfolios.